13 November 2014

My Best Friend's wedding

Summary: (From Wikipedia)

Julianne Potter a 27-year-old New York restaurant critic, receives a call from her longtime friend Michael O'Neal. In college, the two made an agreement that if neither of them were married by the time they turned 28, they would marry each other. Three weeks before her 28th birthday, Michael tells her that in four days, he will marry Kimmy Wallace, a 20-year-old University of Chicago student from a wealthy family.

Julianne is upset that Michael will marry someone so wrong for him, and someone he has known for such a short period of time. She realizes that she is in love with Michael, and heads to Chicago, intent on sabotaging his wedding. Soon after arriving she meets Kimmy, who asks her to be the maid of honor. This sets off a comical scenario in which Julianne must pretend to be the dutiful maid of honor while secretly scheming ways to prevent the wedding from happening. She engages in petty sabotage—for example, taking Kimmy and Michael to a karaoke bar after discovering that Kimmy is a terrible singer—and later asks her gay friend George Downes to pretend they are engaged, hoping to make Michael jealous.


Short Review:

Oh my god! I just love old films! This romcom film is hilarious I couldn't stop giggling from start to end. And all those things that happened to Julianne, I was kind of like "you deserve it" but then I kind of feel bad for her in the end, but I was really satisfied, wait, no, not really. I mean, why do George have to be gay?

I truly adore George, I was hoping that he'll turn around say, "Hey Jules, guess what? I also like girls" Gah! >< But I'm not the director. (Sigh) Anyway, I don't really know what to write without spoiling the story so I recommend that you go watch this film, if you like best friends romance stories.


07 November 2014

Totally (not) going as planned

Life sure love putting us in unpredictable situation. Before November start, I was determined to write the Pillars of Life. But because of other stories bothering me, I tucked my tail between my legs after that big declaration and decided to write another story after fixing my biggest problem. (See this post) Now that my first issue is solved, a sudden inspiration hit me. I'm going to write Pillars of Life after all! Never mind if I'm 8 days late! I'm totally going to do my original plan. *nod to myself* I'll try and win this thing and brag about it if I ever manage. Hahaha! :D Oh, but, if I didn't, please don't throw rotten eggs rotten at me, okay? Some ice cream for consolation would be much appreciated. Hehe...

03 November 2014

Spotlight - Blog Tour

Sweet and Clean Romance Collection

Ok clean romance lovers these books are for you!!

Trifecta Books is excited to announce their new line of short contemporary romance novels for e-book. The Sweet and Clean Romance Collection will melt your heart and sweep you off your feet.

There are currently four books out with many more titles coming soon.

Hearts in Harmony and Something Blue
And Something BlueAnd Something Blue by Paige Timothy (Main Street Merchants #1)

Bridal consultant Laurie Fletcher spends her days helping others prepare for the most special day of their lives. Will true love ever come her way, or is she doomed to watch others get their happily ever after?
For Love or MoneyFor Love And Money by Paige Timothy (Main Street Merchants #2)

Cynical Morgan has just about decided that no one could possibly fall in love with her - all the good guys want perfect girls, and she's anything but perfect. But then along comes the guy who falls head-over-heels in love with her just as she is and helps her find the bright side of life again.

Hearts in HarmonyHearts in Harmony by Raine Gillespie (Love Notes #1)

Elahna Nezario gave up her musical dreams to help run the Queen of Hearts, her mother’s chocolate shop, after her sister’s sudden death. After an unfortunate run-in with Elahna’s childhood crush, owner of the Dolce Theater, not only do her dreams surge back to life, but so does her heart.

Waltzing on WheelsWaltzing on Wheels by Raine Gillespie (Love Notes #2)

Meredith Aaron lost all hope for love after a car accident put her in a wheelchair. Who would want her, broken as she is? After her brother tells her to save a dance for him at his wedding, she decides to somehow learn how to dance on the only legs she has left—her wheels.

Blog Tour Giveaway

$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

Ends 11/20/14

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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02 November 2014

Not much progress

Oh man, my lucky charms are failing me! Last year I was at least able to keep up with the daily word counts for the fantasy story that I’ve chosen, but his month’s NaNoWriMo novel is proving to be more difficult than I expected. I feel trapped and disconnected to my characters, I keep staring at the PC screen with the words stuck in my chest! I’m moving at turtle speed!

**sigh** I’ll still be writing this sci-fi story, but I think I’ll be changing the story to write. I already have a story in mind, but it’s more of a Sci-fi romance, but before that I feel like I should prioritize revising the Filipino novel that my editor, if possible, want to be done before January. I have a feeling that it’s due to this that I can’t seem to concentrate on writing other stories. Who knows, after revising this Filipino novel I might able to dash into the finish line of my first Nanowrimo choice for this year.

I’ll still aim to win, Nanowrimo though.

Yosh! Now that I’ve declared that, time to put it into action. And as the characters in K-drama use to say: FIGHTING!!

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31 October 2014

Nanowrimo Kick-off!

Oh! It’s that time of year again! Beginning of winter and perfect for staying inside and feel cozy with a cup of coffee- in my case, tea, hehe :) and sleepless night!

This is my second year of doing Nanowrimo! Woohoo, yes! I’m so excited, especially because a good friend decided to also join the challenge this year. Nothing is better that sharing the joy (and the sweet pain) of writing with someone.

This November I’m going to write a genre that I’ve never managed to complete before. Sci-fi!

It will be written in the point of view of the heroine “Neona.” There will be a romance (naturally, haha :D) but unlike most of my fiction, this story won’t just revolve on the love story but on the broad subject.

I battled inside for days whether I should write it under a male pseudonym or not because it’s like there's this unspoken words out there that only men should write sci-fi, same as only women should write romance. But you know what? I’m up for the challenge and decided to face this head on using my name. After all, one of my favorite romance writers is a man. (Besides, handling more pen names will be a pain in the ass)

So, here are my gears for a good start.

My lucky cup! Ball pens! Memory notes & Miracle box (aka: anti-writer’s block jar)

A photo posted by Jessica Larsen (@jessica.larsen) on

Ready, set… I’m off!

24 October 2014

NightDrake by Lara Adrian

NightDrake My rating: 5 out of 5


In this FREE post-apocalyptic romantic urban fantasy short story, a tough mercenary known as Nisha the Heartless is hired to transport mysterious cargo from exotic New Asia to a well-paying client.

But things are never what they seem in a dark new world now populated by humans and the Strange: shapeshifters and telepaths, nymphs and hobgoblins. It is a lesson Nisha learns all too soon - one that puts her on a journey with a dangerously sexy, enigmatic man who will force her to confront the nightmares of her past, and risk her heart for a future she never dreamed could be hers....

My Review:

I just found a new favorite! However, just as another reviewer in Goodreads said; it would have been better if the story was longer. The ending of this short story isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but it leaves so much room for more events. I definitely would be happy to read a sequel of this story. I’m so hungry for more that I think I’ll read more of this author’s work.
If you like short but fulfilling fantasy story you should give this a chance.

12 October 2014

Save the date

Save the Date (Better Date than Never, #4)
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

(Better Date than Never series, Book #4)

Kristen knows men hide things. Case in point, her last boyfriend turned out to be married. Just like anyone else, Kristen is devastated. However, since Kristen evaluates people for a living, her ex’s duplicity has her searching for a new career as well as swearing off men.

Touring history museums with her sexy friend Ethan doesn’t count, because he has a girlfriend, and has only shown friendly interest in Kristen. He even helps with her career counseling tasks. Although Kristen has a secret crush on Ethan, spending time with him is safe. Until she discovers he’s actually single. Gasp. And now he’s flirting with her, too.

Suddenly, Ethan is way too dangerous. Not to mention tempting. Sure, he seems like sixty shades of perfect, but how’s a girl with bad judgment supposed to detect what skeletons he has in his closet?

My review: 

This is a very very interesting read for me because it has Kristen, the most annoying in the Better Date than Never series that I've read and Ethan, my most favorite hero ever since I've read about him in Truth or Date.

It's not that I don't understand Kristen problems, but she really managed to annoy me almost throughout the whole book. It was really tiring to "hear" her deny her feelings for Ethan almost to the point that I wanted to reach in and pulled her out of my kindle (not that it's possible of course. Haha :D) She was so determined to ignore the obvious, yet still clinging to him deep inside and keep suspecting him to be with this or that woman when Ethan is wearing his heart on his sleeve. But doesn't matter how much I dislike her attitude, it simply made Kristen realistic (nobody's is perfect and everyone has a downfall sometimes) and besides, I was so relieved with her realization and honesty of her true feelings for Jake and Ethan that all my irritation toward her completely evaporated.

10 October 2014

All's fair in Blog and War

All's Fair in Blog and War
My rating: 5/5


Twenty-something travel blogger Five thinks she has hit the jackpot when she gets invited to glittering Macau for an all-expense-paid bloggers tour. Think majestic old churches, sparkling casinos, exhilarating bungee jumps, and the world's most unforgettable egg tarts. The trip is practically perfect, except for one little glitch. She gets assigned to be travel buddies with Jesse, the world's most infuriating photo blogger, and it's definitely war at first sight.

Will Five let Jesse turn her dream vacation into a total nightmare? Or will falling in love be on the itinerary?


I bought this book and read a little, then put it aside for a long time. Thinking that I wanted to read other than graphic novels, I took my Kindle that I have neglected for a while and chose this story, thinking to read bit by bit, but it was unpredicted that I'll be sucked in by it after a few pages. I grabbed my Kindle to read each time I have a chance until I finish reading it.

Five, the MC, wasn't that special, in fact, her personality annoyed me a bit in the beginning, but she has this special charm that kept me hooked.

Jesse, the hero was a jerk! or so I though... I've grown to like him real fast, before Five actually.

Simon, well, I didn't really get to know him much but he seems interesting.

Megh, is my favorite! I love her style, her unique snob-but-not-really attitude. She's friendly too and...I don't know I just like her so much, I wish I could read her love story too.

This book is my favorite. And I'll probably read it again in the future. I especially love that ending, not cheesy but romantic in a sense.

05 October 2014

Author Spotlight: Hildur Enola

In today's spotlight is Hilda Enola, an indie author who currently lives in our neighbor Denmark! It's probably why I got inspired have her today, even though I promised myself to do spotlight every Wednesday.

About this author

I´m Icelandic, live in Denmark. Fantasy is my favorite genre when it comes to writing, and it shows through in almost everything I write. I´m pretty good at spotting the creepy things, so, from time to time, I will write a horror story.

I´m a member of the Critque Circle both the Icelandic one and the English one. It´s helped me a lot with my writing and also to find like minded individuals who can sympathize with my need to talk excessively about writing, my characters, plot problems etc.

As you may have noticed I have an excellent writing partner, SirrĂ½ Sig. and together we just started our own self publishing, Nostri Publication.
In 2012 we self published our first collaborative work: One Thing Led to Another. It´s four connected short stories.

Find her books on:
Amazon:One Thing led to Another
One thing led to another Summary: The Blood Weeping Table, When Hafsteinn Died, Just the Facts, and My Rose

This is a small world. We all have effect on each other,
one thing leads to another in an unforeseen way.

The Blood Weeping Table
A fantasy about a pampered wife who finds more than she bargained for with
her new desk.

When Hafsteinn Died
A mystery about a woman coming home from a business trip to find her cat
dead, and her girlfriend missing.

Just the Facts
A drama about a down-to-earth family man who begins to suspect his young
stepdaughter of a cold-blooded murder.

My Rose
A realistic horror fiction about a man who falls madly in love with a girl.

“We Dare You”

and Icelandic love
Icelandic Love
Six Icelandic love stories, ranging from sweet romance, to the horrors people can do in the name of love.

Love can move mountains, but can it also cheat death? Can it get you to commit a crime? Would you leave everything to be with the one you love?

The Diamand Necklace
A sweet love story
Icelandic Honey – A Prize-Winning Tale
Creepy but tender
A Friendly Turtle
She did it for love
Mine Forever
A dramatic love story
Night After night
A sentimental love story
Somewhere Sometime Again
She couldn’t let him go

***Add her works in Goodreads and stalk her on Twitter

04 October 2014

Yehey! Now let me brag ;)

Yes, yes, yes! I've finally done it! Yesterday night, (Oct.04) I finished the longest story I've ever written. It's 87,000 words. I know that's not much for some writers, but I've got to say that it's no joke to me. I wasn't one of the lucky one to be born with English, so writing a book that long (a paranormal/fantasy to top it off) really burnt me out. Now, for the rest of the day, I keep blanking out. I probably used too much my brain to dig out all my English knowledge to finish the book 3 months.

I didn't start and finish it inside that months, though, I wrote this book for NaNoWriMo challenge last year. I manage to write 50k+ in 30 days, but then suffered from writer's block and move on to write other books, it wasn't until 3 months ago that I dedicated myself into finishing it. I don't know how great the story is, as I'm not a good judge of my own writing. But sure great to finish it.

So here I am! Tired, sleepy, hungry but happy.

As for the book. I entitled it, "Fumes Variola" and the story is about a mysterious black smoke called Fumes Variola that could only be seen by those who had been possessed by it, it feeds on the negative side of any being. It could possess anyone and turn that person completely evil. Audrey is a thirty-five-year-old witch who decided to go back in time and stop her best friend, Nova, from being possessed by it and change the future. She failed on her first try and died in the past, but she was able to save Gretchen, Nova's daughter, with the help of her younger self. On her second try to go back in time, due to unforeseen circumstances Audrey, brought Gretchen back with her, and once again get killed, leaving the fifteen-year-old Gretchen in the past.
Now, with the help of a playful wood sprite, it's up to Gretchen to change the past, but what could she do? Other than making simple potions, she has no power to fight against her mother, and to make the situation more difficult, a celestial nymph seemed to have prophesied her arrival in the past, many centuries ago.

29 September 2014

Smiling Pasta-Taiwanese Drama

It's been many years since I watch this series, and I still haven't forgotten the fun I had when I watched this, so I thought I'll review this today :)

Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese TV show)
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Rating: 4 / 5 stars


The story begins with Xiao Shi day dreaming on her balcony, wishing for a successful love. In her dazed state, she accidentally knocks her mug over the edge, which then lands and bounces off the front of pop sensation He Qun's sports car, when he happened to be driving past. This marks the beginning of their intertwined destinies.


My Review:

To be honest the woman protagonist wasn't that good to act, but as the episode went she seemed to have developed her acting better.

The main reason why I like Smiling Pasta is because the story was good. Maybe it's not on top of my list, but it's one of my favorite drama.
Every episode made me smile, it's funny and cute, the story is a bit predictable, but still made watch all the way to end. It made tears up from time to time and cheer them on, if you like showbiz scandal and lots of public love/relationship declaration this drama is definitely for you.


28 September 2014

What took you so Long

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult


Freshly Bachillerato graduate, Milky Valdez, inexperienced, but not innocent, moves from Alicante to Madrid, ready to take on the world and prove her worth. There she encountered and befriends, Luke, a handsome music producer and major womanizer. After Milky overheard the man she was infatuated with hating virgins, she asked the unthinkable from Luke.

Available at:


26 September 2014

The Vision of Scaflowne

I'm feeling lazy today, so I'll just review one of the animes I've seen.

The Vision of Scaflowne
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance
Rating: 3/5 stars

Summary:The series focuses on the heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, and her adventures after she is transported to the world of Gaea, a mysterious planet where she can see Earth and its moon in the sky. On Gaea, Earth is known as the Mystic Moon. Hitomi's latent psychic powers are enhanced on Gaea and she quickly becomes embroiled in the conflicts between the Zaibach Empire and the several peaceful countries that surround it. The conflicts are brought about by the Zaibach Empire's quest to revive the legendary power from the ancient city of Atlantis. As the series progresses, many of the characters' pasts and motivations, as well as the history of Atlantis and the true nature of the planet Gaea, are revealed.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

* * * * *


The anime was not a very traditional mecha anime since most mecha animes are in a futuristic like setting. The Vision of Escaflowne was more on a medieval tone of architecture. 
The romance is great and I like the show depict Van’s struggles as a young prince with his kingdom getting burned to the ground, and his conflicts with his elder brother. The action was there of course, pure mecha action at it’s finest. Granted it may not have the laser guns and missiles but the classic giant sword duels was more than enough to keep me hooked on. 
The show also showcased a lot of things like the importance of honor and pride. Though I had a bit hard time to keep up at times, this anime is definitely worth watching.


17 September 2014

Author Spotlight: Jennifer R. McDonald

Hello! I've been too busy lately to make any decent post or review and instead of leaving my blog hanging I'll be featuring author's once a week.

The first author is the author of Veilwalker Trilogy. Jennifer R. McDonald

About this author

I reside in Canada with my husband and two adorably rebellious children. Urban Fantasy is my favorite genre to write but I enjoy reading Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and anything with great antiheroes, cunning villains, and flawed characters.

Into the Veil, Through the Gloom, and Across the Blood Red River complete my Veilwalker Trilogy, and I’m currently working on more magical world shenanigans in my next series: The Helios Chronicles.

* * * * *

Check out her trilogy:

Into the Veil (Veilwalker Trilogy, #1)
BOOK 1: Into the Viel

Life isn’t easy for a teenage veilwalker.

Lyric has been on the run for over a decade. Her brother is her only friend, her father treats her like a soldier, and after an ill-planned trip to purgatory she’s stuck with a bitterly displaced ghost.

Charles Hathor has problems of his own—problems he’s confident can be solved with the aid of Lyric’s realm-crossing ability. As the leader of a powerful coven, he’ll stop at nothing to ensure her cooperation. Kidnapping, extortion, maybe even murder; everything goes in his quest for retribution.

Alongside her twin, Lyric is forced back into the bowels of the magical world. But working for a vengeful warlock is not for the faint of heart. 

Relationships will be tested. Unlikely alliances will be forged. And Lyric will discover enemies closer than she ever imagined. 

* * * * *

Through the Gloom (Veilwalker Trilogy, #2)
BOOK 2: Through The Gloom

Lyric Yama’s life is starting to feel as bleak as the purgatory in which she spends her days.

The line between enemy and ally has blurred. To unravel a heinous murder, she’s agreed to exploit her veilwalking gifts for her new coven leader. 

But as the Lyric sinks deeper in the quicksand of lies and deceit, she’s forced to re-evaluate exactly what she signed up for.

Is the pursuit for truth worth becoming the very evil she’s been running from? And if so, can she survive the soul-crushing loss that truth will ultimately reveal?

* * * * *

Across the Blood Red River (Veilwalker Trilogy, #3)
BOOK 3: Across The Blood Red

To lost souls, the veil is a cold, tragic existence. But for Lyric Yama, the living world is so much worse.

Lyric has finally uncovered the truth of her mother’s brutal murder. Now her hands are stained and her mind is plagued with the bitterness of regret.

Soon she will have bigger problems. A grieving warlock is closing in. He’ll stop at nothing to reap vengeance on the young witch.

As the consequences of her past march closer, and the illusion of safety is abandoned, Lyric must decide whether to run or stand and fight.

But when the full power of a veilwalker’s magic is unleashed, no one—living or dead—will ever be safe again.

This is the final installment of Jennifer R. McDonald's Veilwalker Trilogy.

10 September 2014

Weight Loss with Coconut oil

Other than writing and reading fiction book, I also like reading herbal, acupuncture, massage, yoga... you name it and that includes "alternative" diet books. However, I never really been into reviewing them. Somehow, I don't know how to express myself when it comes to them. But two days ago I read John Webs book and I somehow got inspired to review it :)

My rating: ★★★★ / 


You’re about to discover how to use coconut oil when cooking and preparing food for weight loss, health and beauty.

A few years ago, you probably do not care about coconut oil unless you are cooking exotic dishes like curry. It used to be a food ingredient that you do not normally use and you can only find it in specialty stores like Asian stores or health food stores.

Recently, coconut oil gets recognized for its role as an effective ingredient that promotes many benefits. This is the reason why many people start talking about it and start to include it in their everyday diet. If you also want to find some great recipes using coconut oil, you are in luck because this book includes coconut oil recipes that promote weight loss, health, and beauty.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download Your Copy Today:

  • Everything You Need To Know About Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil Recipes For Health And Weight Loss
  • Coconut Oil Recipes For Beauty
  • BONUS CHAPTER from "Essential Oils - A Beginner's Guide To Lose Weight, Increase Energy And Stay Young & Healthy With Essential Oils"
  • Much, much more!



Being born from a country abundant with coconut trees and being a coconut lover myself (oil or whatever) I pride myself for knowing a lot about coconut products and the benefits it gives. Sure, I've read a lot of familiar information that I already know in this book, but I kept reading. It's fun reading it and the recipes were great! And most of all, I gain even more knowledge reading the book, especially in the end.

Want to loss weight the fun way, without making yourself sick of eating salad every single bloody day? Try this! ^_^

03 September 2014

My tour to another town

There's one good thing to have older people as your neighbors. That is, they're most likely done decorating their homes and you'll have a quiet day most of the day the whole year. One thing is good to have a new younger neighbor would that you save your alarm clock from being tossed to the wall each morning when you don't feel like waking up, because they'll wake you up with their noise! God dammit, I feel so annoyed! I feel like there's not a day that one of our apartment neighbors don't drill on the stone wall! This week is the worst! Luckily, it's the day my husband and I decided to travel on another town in Norway.

Road to Sarpsborg

Waiting to board the Ferry in Moss port after Waiting to board the Ferry in Moss port after my longest #drive for the first time in a peaceful #Norwegian #highway in the night.

At the Salon of the Ferry as it's not allowed to be in the car deck.

Now, it's past midnight and I'm back home. In cozy silent. So, it's time to get back on my writing. Hahaha :D


02 September 2014

A new Favorite!

A lot of good things happen for watching romantic films. I get cheered up! Haha :D And to welcome Sept. what could be better than a RomCom review!

Today's film is I do, but I don't! Staring, Denise Richard & Dean Cain, now if I could just find out who the gay assistant at the end of the film my day would even get better. Shh...I'm his new fan! I wish I could watch more of his movie (if he have a lead role.)

Junior wedding planner Lauren Crandell is assigned a wedding for Darla Tedanski, the daughter of a prominent family by her boss Gennifer "G", who promises her a long overdue promotion if she does well.

* * * * *

This film is funny, simple, not too dramatic and romantic! There're lot of misunderstandings, but with a nice happy ending we are looking for! This romantic comedy just made my day!


25 August 2014

The pressure of searching

If you've lived more than ten years, I'm sure that you experience doing something that made you feel so fulfilled, but then realized... oh shoot! You did something so embarrassing because you too excited about it and forget that small little but very important detail. Well, welcome to my day.

I spent more than five hours constructing a perfect CV.

(I don't earn that much from writing so I need a new job after the company I work for got in economic trouble) The CV is in Norwegian since I'm now job hunting in Norway. I could speak the language and even write a bit, but it seriously needs a major editing (with the help of my husband.)

Then next I must write my cover letter (in Norwegian and again the editing) after all the pain. I copied the edited version and place all the necessary details in.

Took a deep breath and with eyes half closed. I click; send. Smile, giggle and celebrate for finally taking the first step, but a few minutes later, I get a confirmation email with and attach is the copy of my application. And at the end of the cover letter a foreign word shines brightly.

Lykke Til! 

Huh? W-wait! What? Did I just send an application letter and end it with "Lykke Til" as in "Good Luck?"
*Face-palm* oh my god!! So embarrassing! However, sending it again is even more embarrassing. ><

Ugh, next time I should maybe keep my eyes wide open before clicking the doom send button.


22 August 2014

Rock Gods of Romance Boxed Set (6 Book RockStar Bundle)

My rating: ★★★★ / 

My 4 stars rating is based on how I liked the complete box set. But I have another rating for each story in the bundle.

My Review:

I don't have anything for the first story Hometown Hook-Up by Caitlyn Duffy. The writing was nice, but the story isn't for me so I didn't even bother reading it to the end.

- The second story: Record, Rewind by Ava Lore, was fine. But I'll give it 2. I read it all the way to the end, but the main characters annoyed me. The sexual tension was great, but that's about it. They smoked too much!

- The third story Playing Autumn by Mina V. Esguerra, is a 5. This story is easy to follow. Sweet heroine and easy to relate. The relationships between the protagonists were carefully developed and sweep me into their own reality. Best of Mina in my opinion.

-5 for The ballad of Jude by Liliana Rhodes is amazing! The story narration is perfect making me feel that I was virtually there watching Jude play the first time Zoey saw him in the club. I was truly excited. I also like how open the book is, saying the word as it is without being censored.
I don’t know about anyone else, but even if it’s not the happily ever after that I was expecting in the beginning I was completely satisfied because after Sade declared “I’m in love with your girlfriend” I can’t help but cheered him on from that point forward. Overall love this story and I would love to read Cade’s love story too.

-The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long by Marian Tee, 4. I love Bree, she's so admirable and I tears up when she offered her hands to Dylan and understand his intention instead of getting hysterical.
The sex scene was great in this story but I know from experience that having a man penetrates too deep would no longer be pleasurable, instead it’s painfully tormenting. So, even if it’s just an innocent wish from Bree’s mind, about Dylan reaches her womb, it made me lose a bit of my enjoyment. I actually cringed.
But nevertheless the story sweet and I enjoyed reading most of the scenes, and the excerpt for The Rockstar I Never Know sound so inviting! I’m looking forward reading it.

-Heat by K.T. Fisher: I’m rating this story 1, not because the story was bad or that it involve f/f, orgy and a very hardcore sexual description. I gave it one star because after they had the orgy which Cole already come, he come yet again when they was alone and again in the day.
And aside from what's mentioned above, it’s also very tiring to read over and over how fucking sexy, beautiful, handsome, they are. This book make Bella Swan’s constant reminder of how gorgeous and perfect Edward a lot less bothering.

15 August 2014

First personal post?

Josephine Litonjua, a friend I met online and personally last time I went to the Philippines (finally, after 10 years) advise me to start blogging about my travels too, post pictures of places I've been and such. And I thought: "Hey, that's not a bad idea!" sure I like blogging about book reviews and other entertainment, but I can't always have time for that so here's my first (bit more) personal post. Though it's not about my travel, but in a way it is my journey. hehehe :D

I learned to play chess game when I was about 20 years old ( 9 years ago ) I hate playing it then because I always lost to my teacher ( my husband ) and for years we haven't played it. Three weeks ago we started playing chess again, at least twice a day in the weekends, and though I still keep losing most of the time my hubby seems to be having more hard time winning. And last weekend I finally have my first victory! Yay! Victory dance! I was already defeated twice tonight, but I'll aim to win tomorrow! This picture is my inspiration. Hahaha :D hahh... I feel so lame ... -_-


09 August 2014

My Chinito Boss

My rating: ★★★★ / ★★★★
3.5 stars actually, but I’m feeling generous after reaching the final so, yes. 4 stars it is!

My Review:

This book is a lighthearted read, just the way I like it, not so much drama, not too emotional but still manage to capture my attention after a few pages.

What annoyed me in this story was how Sam keeps saying “Nothing” each time Jae-Sun ask her what she said in Tagalog. I mean can’t she at least, come out with it once or twice? But, that aside I love how I could really feel the different culture between the two characters. Though, I would have loved to read more background story of Jae-Sun, and their love, because it feel a little short. My kilig moments only started and the story was already near the end. :(

Oh well, this still definitely one of the best Tagalog romance I read this year.

16 July 2014

My Wattpad Love

My rating: ★★★★


Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds Wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

* * * * *

My Review:

Oh! I found a treasure in the midst of sand!

I read a lot of stories on a whim and My Wattpad Love was not an exception. I started reading it just because it was complete (and sponsored by Wattpad) and got a lot of positive reviews.

After reading a crappy story, publish by some publisher, which was originally posted on Wattpad, I promised myself not to buy anything posted on wattpad without reading it first, but this story was different. I wouldn’t have regretted it if I bought the paperback first. I was hooked from the first line and I was not a single minute bored, the story is fluffy (just the way I like it) it's exciting and funny, romantic and whole lot a lovable characters. I don't know how many times I tears up, burst out laughing and got annoyed. I was swooning at the hot guys while reading this story. I can't recommend this story enough. It's on my top favorites this year!
I like Jules very much, I like how stable her mind is, how she don't swayed by the feeling of others so easily.
I just love Evan! Edward Cullen is nothing compared to his hotness. Edward never managed to make me giggle one bit, but Evan made me bite all my finger nails just so I don't bother the neighbors with my squeals.
I also love Jason, because he's just so adorable! (I wouldn’t want him as a best friend though, he may not be “hot” as Evan but still too much to ignore.)
Helen well... she's very likeable, same goes for Laura.
As for Melissa... I don't know (I like her reaction on the credits. Hahaha :D )
As for Shane... Get drunk more often Shane, then you'll have my sympathy.

Anyway, that's all I could say. And I really, really love this story (and I'm definitely buying the paperback to add in my bookshelf.)

This book is available in Available in Amazon and the unedited version is still up on Wattpad

09 July 2014

Project Fierce Chicago Cover Reveal

I've been feeling very tired lately, too many things going on and I seem to have no time for reading, hence no review for long time. And I've been feeling guilty for leaving my blog for awhile now that I'm more that happy to post something new. *Sigh* Okay, moving on!

Project Fierce Chicago 

Categories: Anthologies Gay Genderqueer Lesbian 

9781620044070 ♦ Pre-order starting at: $8.99 $7.64 (Save: 15% off) ♦ 165,000 words ♦ 9 reward points

Nobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.
Project Fierce Chicago's mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

LT3's Project Fierce Chicago charity anthology includes 20 short stories from Aeris, Vicktor Alexander, Talya Andor, C.J. Anthony, Blaine D. Arden, Kayla Bain-Vrba, Sophie. Bonaste, Kenzie Cade, Jana Denardo, Alessandra Ebulu, Dianne Hartsock, Leta Hutchins, Caitlin Ricci, Lor Rose, B. Snow, Rin Sparrow, Andrea Speed, Piper Vaughn, Layla M. Wier, and Xara X. Xanakas.

Want to donate directly? Visit the Project Fierce Chicago website.
• Pairings: M/M, F/F, genderqueer
• Content: Contains no explicit content.
This title is available for preorder and will be available at approximately 8:00 p.m.
Eastern Time on July 15, 2014 at: http://www.lessthanthreepress.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_bookx_info&cPath=115&products_id=632

This product will be in stock on Wednesday 16 July, 2014.

06 June 2014

Yes, I'm still not out of luck!

Friday is normally the peoples favorite day in the week. Why? Well, because it's the end of the week, office time is over and they can finally stay at home and relax.

And today is the best day for me too! Not only because of the reasons above, but also because the notebook which I thought I lost 2 years ago, when I was on the plane from Spain to Norway is now back in my hands. Yaay, so happy!

This is a very important notebook for me. It contains lots of notes, short stories and 3 complete children stories (2 of them are from my dreams...hehehe) That time when I thought, that this notebook was gone, I lost so much motivation that I actually stop writing for almost five months.

So much bad luck has been happening to me lately that I was jumping from happiness to find this.
Yes, miracle's do happen and I'm not out of luck yet. Yosh now that I'm inspired back to writing!

04 June 2014

The Waitress

My rating: ★★★★


Katie Simmonds wants to be a film director. Last week she wanted to be a writer, the week before that an educational psychologist, and the week before that a florist. One thing Katie isn't short of is ambition, but she knows for certain that none of her ambitions are to be a waitress. Unfortunately, Katie Simmonds is a waitress.

Hassled by customers, badly paid and stuck with the boss from hell, Katie's life hasn't turned out quite as she'd planned. As for relationships, she's starting to discover that a career choice isn't the only commitment she has problems with. But just when she thinks that things can't get any worse, the cafe where she works is taken over by the last man in the world she wants to see again. Maybe Katie's been waiting at tables - and waiting for Mr Right - for a little too long...

A heartwarming, laugh out loud novel about love, hopes, dreams... and waitressing.


My Review:

When I read this book, I wasn't so into reading thick books because I get impatient and most of the time ending up jumping to the last chapters after reaching the middle, but this is one of those books which I patiently read through all chapters.

I actually wasn't expecting anything about this book. I bought it on a whim actually while I was on a date with my husband. And yes, to be honest it was because of the more because of the cover than the blurb, hahaha :D

But after reading this book, I was amazed. I liked it. The story was written nicely and I smiled a lot. It was because of this book that I bought "The Nanny" but after 3 chapter I got tired of it and place the book aside (haven't touched it again) The Waitress is better.

30 May 2014

Young and Scambitious

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***For readers 18 and up***

Young and Scambitious by Mina V. Esguerra
My rating: ★★★★


Who is Elizabeth Madrid, exactly? She's Manila's latest It Girl--stylish, staple of the club scene, new best friend of famous-for-being-famous Chrysalis Magnolia. She's also a jewelry clan heiress, a former model, an Ivy Leaguer... except no one actually knew of her until last year. Shouldn't her new society friends be more suspicious? Especially "BFF" Chrysalis, who reportedly already lost an expensive ring to a friend who turned out to be a thief?.


My Review:

Welcome to the world of scam artist. It sounds bad, but its a good read... *smile*
Yes that's right, the main character's in this story happened to be bad people, but hey they're really entertaining and I don't know how Mina pull it off, maybe she stalk them? hahaha... joking ;)

I seriously adore the characters in this story, making me wonder which book I like best
"Playing Autumn" that has so many sweet characters- which I'm really starting to wonder when I'll be posting the review- or this book with lots of cunning but likeable characters. One thing for sure, I truly like Jane and Gabriel even the sounds of their names in my head sounds romantic. But as most of Mina's books, it's not only about romance and I love how the story didn't focus only in love but friends and family...and yeah, deception.

I honestly don't have much to say because honestly, I was too busy flipping the pages, I forget the notes I should be writing about the story for this review and I didn't even bother to update my reading status in Goodreads long after finish reading it.

This is yet another great piece Mina, thanks for sharing it! :) Though it's a bit sad because of the ending is... nevermind. I've got to get the second story when I have a chance. Sigh, too many books, so little time.




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