25 August 2014

The pressure of searching

If you've lived more than ten years, I'm sure that you experience doing something that made you feel so fulfilled, but then realized... oh shoot! You did something so embarrassing because you too excited about it and forget that small little but very important detail. Well, welcome to my day.

I spent more than five hours constructing a perfect CV.

(I don't earn that much from writing so I need a new job after the company I work for got in economic trouble) The CV is in Norwegian since I'm now job hunting in Norway. I could speak the language and even write a bit, but it seriously needs a major editing (with the help of my husband.)

Then next I must write my cover letter (in Norwegian and again the editing) after all the pain. I copied the edited version and place all the necessary details in.

Took a deep breath and with eyes half closed. I click; send. Smile, giggle and celebrate for finally taking the first step, but a few minutes later, I get a confirmation email with and attach is the copy of my application. And at the end of the cover letter a foreign word shines brightly.

Lykke Til! 

Huh? W-wait! What? Did I just send an application letter and end it with "Lykke Til" as in "Good Luck?"
*Face-palm* oh my god!! So embarrassing! However, sending it again is even more embarrassing. ><

Ugh, next time I should maybe keep my eyes wide open before clicking the doom send button.


22 August 2014

Rock Gods of Romance Boxed Set (6 Book RockStar Bundle)

My rating: ★★★★ / 

My 4 stars rating is based on how I liked the complete box set. But I have another rating for each story in the bundle.

My Review:

I don't have anything for the first story Hometown Hook-Up by Caitlyn Duffy. The writing was nice, but the story isn't for me so I didn't even bother reading it to the end.

- The second story: Record, Rewind by Ava Lore, was fine. But I'll give it 2. I read it all the way to the end, but the main characters annoyed me. The sexual tension was great, but that's about it. They smoked too much!

- The third story Playing Autumn by Mina V. Esguerra, is a 5. This story is easy to follow. Sweet heroine and easy to relate. The relationships between the protagonists were carefully developed and sweep me into their own reality. Best of Mina in my opinion.

-5 for The ballad of Jude by Liliana Rhodes is amazing! The story narration is perfect making me feel that I was virtually there watching Jude play the first time Zoey saw him in the club. I was truly excited. I also like how open the book is, saying the word as it is without being censored.
I don’t know about anyone else, but even if it’s not the happily ever after that I was expecting in the beginning I was completely satisfied because after Sade declared “I’m in love with your girlfriend” I can’t help but cheered him on from that point forward. Overall love this story and I would love to read Cade’s love story too.

-The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long by Marian Tee, 4. I love Bree, she's so admirable and I tears up when she offered her hands to Dylan and understand his intention instead of getting hysterical.
The sex scene was great in this story but I know from experience that having a man penetrates too deep would no longer be pleasurable, instead it’s painfully tormenting. So, even if it’s just an innocent wish from Bree’s mind, about Dylan reaches her womb, it made me lose a bit of my enjoyment. I actually cringed.
But nevertheless the story sweet and I enjoyed reading most of the scenes, and the excerpt for The Rockstar I Never Know sound so inviting! I’m looking forward reading it.

-Heat by K.T. Fisher: I’m rating this story 1, not because the story was bad or that it involve f/f, orgy and a very hardcore sexual description. I gave it one star because after they had the orgy which Cole already come, he come yet again when they was alone and again in the day.
And aside from what's mentioned above, it’s also very tiring to read over and over how fucking sexy, beautiful, handsome, they are. This book make Bella Swan’s constant reminder of how gorgeous and perfect Edward a lot less bothering.

15 August 2014

First personal post?

Josephine Litonjua, a friend I met online and personally last time I went to the Philippines (finally, after 10 years) advise me to start blogging about my travels too, post pictures of places I've been and such. And I thought: "Hey, that's not a bad idea!" sure I like blogging about book reviews and other entertainment, but I can't always have time for that so here's my first (bit more) personal post. Though it's not about my travel, but in a way it is my journey. hehehe :D

I learned to play chess game when I was about 20 years old ( 9 years ago ) I hate playing it then because I always lost to my teacher ( my husband ) and for years we haven't played it. Three weeks ago we started playing chess again, at least twice a day in the weekends, and though I still keep losing most of the time my hubby seems to be having more hard time winning. And last weekend I finally have my first victory! Yay! Victory dance! I was already defeated twice tonight, but I'll aim to win tomorrow! This picture is my inspiration. Hahaha :D hahh... I feel so lame ... -_-


09 August 2014

My Chinito Boss

My rating: ★★★★ / ★★★★
3.5 stars actually, but I’m feeling generous after reaching the final so, yes. 4 stars it is!

My Review:

This book is a lighthearted read, just the way I like it, not so much drama, not too emotional but still manage to capture my attention after a few pages.

What annoyed me in this story was how Sam keeps saying “Nothing” each time Jae-Sun ask her what she said in Tagalog. I mean can’t she at least, come out with it once or twice? But, that aside I love how I could really feel the different culture between the two characters. Though, I would have loved to read more background story of Jae-Sun, and their love, because it feel a little short. My kilig moments only started and the story was already near the end. :(

Oh well, this still definitely one of the best Tagalog romance I read this year.
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