21 September 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For by C.P Santi


Wishes are very powerful . . . and they can sometimes be dangerous.
When Ana made a birthday wish to fall in love, she was specifically thinking of her research colleague Daniel Sato . . . she wasn't exactly expecting to cross paths with hunky actor Ken Nakamura.
Be careful what you wish for—Fate always answers—even if it isn't exactly the answer we were hoping for

~ ~ ~

My Rating: 4 out of 5

I love josei manga! And Be Careful What You Wish For reminded me of josei manga. The story is a classic geek and famous guy plot and, to be honest, I was disappointed at how I could easily put it down and forget about it for months. But I’m truly happy that I pick it up again.

I unenthusiastically start reading from the beginning again, but after passing 20% of the story my interest doubled, and by fifty percent I nearly go around the apartment with the kindle on my hand. Though I was a bit disoriented that most of the inner thoughts were not italics, the rest was okay. The narrating was really nice, the pace is perfect. I also love all the Japanese phrases inserted in the paragraph. After reading manga and watching anime for years, I picked up a lot of Japanese words, so it didn’t hinder me from enjoying the story, in fact, it made the whole book very exotic, very Japanese like. I can really see and feel the Japanese culture in this book.

I don’t have much to say about the book except I really liked it. Ana made me like and dislike her, same goes to Ken. Their relationship toward the end annoyed me. I didn’t like how they kept on repeating that their relationship was still a fake even when they already cleared the misunderstanding. But that’s how they are. My favorite character here is Yoshi and (surprise!) Ai! Yes, I really like Ai. I have a thing for liking villains something when the heroine annoyed me haha :D

If you’re in the mood for wholesome romance, give this book a try.

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11 September 2015

My #Stangelit story

All the writing workshop that Mina V. Esguerra organized was a fun experience for me, especially #buqoYA where I managed to finish Someone to Care and got included in a book bundled series. In joining #Strangelit I hope to experience the same joy all over again, but sadly, this will go down as one of the saddest and tragic writing challenge for me.

#Strangelit was a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy writing workshop (administered by Bronze Age Media and sponsored by Buqo). When I first sign-up I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to write anything. It’s not my first time writing in this genre. In fact, I’ve already written Fumes Variola, an Urban Fantasy story, which I wrote for NaNoWrimo two years ago.

There were three reasons why I thought that I will not be able to write anything.

One: I was trying to finish my newest New-Adult story, You Drive Me Crazy, written for #SparkNA.

Second: The writers were required to read some of the published stories recommended by the organizer. I didn’t think I had time for it (mostly because of work and partly because of reason one.)

Third: I might not have enough funds to pay an editor.

Moving on. I finished You Drive Me Crazy! And I even manage to read more than two of the required stories! Yay! As for the third problem, I pushed it aside and tried to concentrate on writing when the class started.

Fast forward. Despite having way too many bad days in August, I was overjoyed to finish my first 30k PNR (demon x angel romance) and two weeks before the deadline to boot! I edited the next few days and looked for editors. Of course, I went to those I trusted first. Yes, here comes the third problem. Editing fees. One of the editors refused politely due to the deadline; another give me a bit expensive quote (which is understandable because it was after kind of rush.)


05 September 2015

A French Fairyfail + Surrender to Love giveaway!

Hello, everyone!

To my beloved readers and readers to be, I'm personally inviting you to join my first ever giveaway! In celebration of my newest released book, Surrender to Love. The ebook was published by Flipside Publishing a month ago, and the paperback is now available on Amazon.

I'll be giving away three prizes for five lucky winners.

For the 1st Prize: 1 winner will receive $5 Amazon GC, Signed Print copy of A French FairyFail + Surrender to Love ebook.

2nd Prize: 1 winner will get $5 Amazon GC, A French FairyFail & Surrender to Love ebook.

3rd Prize: 3 winners will receive one copy of Surrender to Love ebook.

A French FairyFail summary:

“Have a heart check woman,” sabi ni Lex na ikanasalpok ng mga kilay ni Liberty.
“What do you mean?”
“Are you sure you love him or you just love the thought of being in love with him?”

Tumungong France si Liberty sa hangaring mahanap roon ang prinsipeng pinapangarap. Doon niya nakilala si Lèonce, isang lalaking tila binuhay mula sa kanyang mga isinusulat na fairytales stories, kaya naman agad niyang pinangarap makarelasyon ito, subalit bakit nang labis siyang nasasaktan ay walang ibang naruon kundi si Lex? Ang lalaking nagpakita ng pagkamuhi sa kanya sa simula pa lamang ng kanilang pagkakakilala.


Surrender to Love summary:

Power of love, bulong ng isang bahagi ng isip ni Pamela na agad niyang isinantabi. Power-of-love... bullshit! No money, no honey. Iyan ang madalas na nangyayari sa mga nagmamahalan kapag naghihirap. Money makes the world go round!

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