30 October 2015


I don’t know about other authors but what sucks the most for me is being unable to attend parties. Hey! Stop that smile forming on your lips! I’m not talking about wild, chill out party (okay maybe a little) but it includes books! Editors, other writers, publishers… I want to cry! Damn it. Buhuhu T_T

Last week, Flipside Publishing, the publishers of my Filipino novel A French Fairyfail, invited me to a murder mystery-themed Halloween party.

Goodness! That just sounds so fun! And as I told Denise, Flipside’s project officer, I would love to come and put my witch spell on everyone at the party, but sadly, I have no chance. My daytime job won't permit me to fly back to the Philippines.

I’m sorry could you just give me a minute? I need to wipe the snots and tears off my face (ew!)

Okay. I’m done.

And as I write, “So sad :( I'll have to wait for Flipside next event and hope that I can make it.” I wanted to crawl on all fours and suck my thumb in the corner of my room.

And just when I finished wallowing, I receive another invitation. This time to Avasta Press Launch Party aboard The Virginia V, South Lake Union.

The invitation says: “Enjoy booze, books and beguiling banter onboard a historic steamship. As you wander the ship, you might pick up some typewriter poetry, play a surrealist word game, add your story to the NFA montage, or win one of the clever gift sets the crew will give away every 15 minutes. This party celebrates the launch of our maiden catalog. You can preview our books and learn how to submit your own manuscripts.”

Oh! Give a break!


16 October 2015

John Smith and Pocahontas forever!

I think I've been holding it in my heart far too long. So here's my opinion about the whole Pocahontas story.


13 October 2015

Just Book Teasers

The idea just popped today. I love teasers, and I like helping authors (especially indie) promote their books so why not create an FB page for it? So, I did!

So, here's the detail.

If you're an author, want your teaser featured on this page, please send me an email or a private FB message with the link of where your book cover and teaser can be copied.

OPTIONAL: Please include all your Author links and all other info because if I really love your book teaser, I'll be featuring you in my blog.

OCT. 26 EDIT: Please join and share your wonderful book teasers or trailers (and purchase links) in this group!https://www.facebook.com/groups/justbookteasersandtrailers/

I'll also share some book trailer/teasers at Just Book Teasers Facebook page and Twitter.

Thank you for your interest!

Please like and follow!

Facebook - www.facebook.com/justbookteasers

Twitter: @justbookteasers

01 October 2015

Death Note [repost]


Light Yagami, an intelligent but bored high school student. He resents the crime and corruption in the world. His life is changed when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami, or Death God, named Ryuk, known as the "Death Note." The Death Note's instructions claim that if a human's name is written on it, that person will die. At first Light was skeptical about the authenticity of the notebook. But when Light discover that the Death Note is real, he vows to use its power to rid the world of evil.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I haven’t read the manga, but many said it’s better than the anime. But I think the anime was superb too.

It’s the first dark anime that I've watched. I don’t usually go for anime that has a psychological theme, as I feel mentally strained, and it affect me more than I want. The problem with Death Note was that I keep watching because of my curiosity of what will happen next, and before I know it I finished watching all the episode.

Death Note has a very dark story; even though there some humor from time to time that me smile, it still feel dark. The lead character, Light, has no pity for the criminals that he “judge” and in the beginning I was with him, but when, Light encountered someone who outsmarts him. Then horror of watching the story starts for me, when I realized that Light was willing to do just free of people's suspicion.

If I could, I would personally want to beat him myself. Anyway, so far this is the only story that makes me root for the enemy of the lead character.
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