30 January 2016

End of the month message

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A few days ago I emailed EBP (Enchanted Book Promotion) about placing the banners at the bottom of my reviews because I was worried that readers might get an impression that I've turned my blog into "promo-dumping", but you know what? It's awkward to have the banner at the bottom when it's obviously made to be at the top, besides, readers are smart, they would be able to tell if a blog is being used to dump promotion or not. 

I'd take this blog down if I ever felt that I no longer have time to update it than just randomly post promotion of any book. All the books I feature in my blogs are authors and books that I sincerely want to support.

27 January 2016

[Book Blast] How to Marry Your Wife

Will the treacherous journey split them asunder forever?

Genre: Medieval Romance
Publication Date: November 18, 2015

What foul devilry is this? They told her he was dead. After six long years without a word, her knight falls onto his knees and sings poetry. Then he denies their son? Heed this well. She’s no longer an innocent who’ll giggle and tarry on his every word. The sharp edge of her tongue and knife is the only welcome he’ll get. She’ll not marry him. The pain would be too much to bear should he ever leave again.

Her attitude is beyond understanding. What voice did he have? The king commanded and he obeyed. Regardless of her hatred, the Templar knight weds. This time she will travel with him and he will win back her favor. It’s a long road from London to Hadrian’s Wall. Evil deeds weave a plot laced with castles, kidnappings, and missives. Will the treacherous journey split them asunder forever? Mayhap only in heaven will he rekindle the passion they once shared.

I love Yoga, Zumba, and DIY house projects. My latest fun toy is a tile cutter. Wheee. What else can I tile?

I grew up in New England, in Vermont and have always enjoyed making up stories. When I was a kid, nothing was sacred. Crayons would fight other crayons for placement in the box. Street lamps, when they lost their bulbs, would cry. Needless to say, I still have an active imagination.

I love traveling. I'm one of those people that all other travelers hate. I lay back, when the plane takes off, and awake when the plane touches down. 

I have two grown daughters, one lives in Brooklyn and one in Rome. My husband  loves to edit my work, and my two cats jump on my keyboard when I'm not watching. Blame them if you see typos.

Cheers and thanks for reading.


21 January 2016

[Book Tour] The Son of Light Book 2: The M.B.S. Guild

About the Book
Title: The Son of Light Book 2: The M.B.S. Guild
Author: Chris Parker
Genre: Fantasy
Despite having the worst birthday in his life, sixteen year old Joshua Suzuki finally gets his birthday wish—to get out of his house in Porter Ranch, California, which he had spent a decade locked up in. But his wish would be an unusual one because he soon finds himself in an underground college, which belonged to secret organization, called the M.B.S. (Mind, Body, and Soul) Guild. This blows Josh’s mind. And what shocks him even more is that his twenty-six year old foster brother, Nickolas Suzuki, is the leader of the M.B.S. Guild.

Nick wastes no time in telling Josh the horrible truth to why they’ve been in hiding for ten years — The Demon Lord, Hexen, has returned. Nick puts Josh in the protection of his crazy college friends to train him in the art of energy, as Nick travels around the world for clues about Lord Hexen’s origins.

But after being lured out of the guild, Josh find himself in the outside world again, a world far more dangerous than the last time. Now, Josh has to find his way back to the guild while dealing with violent bandits, crazed zombie-like people, and worst of all, Lord Hexen. Can Josh survive?

The Son of Light Book 2: The M.B.S. Guild is an adult fantasy novel that features fast-paced action, and side-splitting comedy. If you like the Harry Potter and A Game of Thrones novels, then you like The Son of Light book 2.

~ ~ ~Read Book Excerpt Here!~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author Bio

Chris Parker started writing during his community college years until he transferred to a film school, Columbia College Hollywood, after losing his house in 2008. There he came up with many stories such as, The Son of Light. However, he went to school to become an editor. After earning his BA, Chris went back to his first love, writing.


18 January 2016

[Book Blitz] Russell's Revenge


About the Book

Title: Russell’s Revenge
Author: Dennis Fishel
Genre: YA Humor, Adventure
Fate has been messing up Dennis’s life for as long as he can remember. It was Fate that decided Russell Folmer—the biggest, ugliest, and meanest kid on earth—would live only two houses south of Dennis’s. Fate was also responsible for making Russell the same age and placing him in the same school. So who else but malicious Fate would arrange for Russell to be in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time when the bombs crafted from the only product a dog manufactures fell from Dennis’s experimental kite? Now, with dog dumplings decorating Russell’s extremely large and angry face, it looks as though Dennis’s days of successfully dodging the well-known bully are over. As the sound of Russell’s pounding feet gets ever closer, two questions flare up in Dennis’s panicked mind like neon in the blackness of a cave: What has he done to make Fate hate him so much, and how is he going to get out of this fix?

Author Bio

Owned and managed by dogs for most of his life, Dennis shares a home on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with his four-legged boss, Sally. Together they pursue their interests in wooden boats, fly fishing, chasing down obscure historic sites, and hiking to remote places just for the fun of it.


Goodreads: Goodreads
iBooks: iBooks

17 January 2016

[Book Tour] School Spirits


In Book 2 of Leta Hawk’s Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery series, a paranormal investigation on the campus of Willow Lake College leads to the discovery of a decades-old murder mystery. Kyrie Carter is thrilled to accompany her best friend JoEllyn to their alma mater, Willow Lake College, for a ghost hunt with the campus Paranormal Club. She is pleasantly surprised when celebrity ghost hunters Drac and Gabe Petery show up with their team. She is not so pleasantly surprised when her critical former teammate Spook Steele shows up with them. What begins as a routine investigation into campus ghost stories soon turns dangerous as Kyr encounters a malicious spirit in the bell tower of Appleton Hall. Upon further investigation, the team learns that a suspicious fire had claimed the life of a female student in 1958. After Spook becomes a victim of a similar fire in the bell tower while investigating, he and Kyr begin to suspect they are dealing with more than a simple haunting. Kyr and Spook put aside their differences and team up to piece together what happened in the bell tower. The mystery deepens as they discover that everyone—townspeople and campus administrators alike—seem determined to keep the truth hidden about the events of that night.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author Bio

Leta Hawk has been fascinated with the paranormal since her first encounter with a ghost at four years of age. Her first novel, The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Ghost Hunting Adventure, was self-published in the summer of 2014, and was re-launched through Booktrope as The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery, Book 1. A writer since high school, she has written in various genres, including poetry, children’s stories, puppet skits, and novels. Leta currently lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, two sons, and a dog (but no ghosts). When she isn’t writing, she serves as a Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, and Released Time School Coordinator, Song Leader, and Listener, and tries to keep up with her sons’ busy schedules.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetaPHawk
Links: https://twitter.com/LetaPHawk
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8349722.Leta_P_Hawk

16 January 2016

More updates!

Hi ho! 

I have breaking news for you guys. Starting today this blog will be my personal blog. And when I say personal, I mean that I’ll be using this blog for primarily to fill your ears with my random ramblings. Make you sigh and hopefully smile with reviews of the books I’ve read and nonsense blah, blah about movies, anime and other things, except all the post with “writing” tags will not be posted here anymore. I’ll be moving them on my Writing Blog. There, I will not only talk about the challenges I’m facing as a writer, but I’ll also be sharing my book excerpts and other things that I can’t think of yet… haha :D

See you there!


15 January 2016

[Book Tour] The Newbie [Book Review]


Kyrie Carter can’t believe her luck when she wins a spot on a paranormal investigation with celebrity ghost hunter Drac Petery and his heartthrob brother Gabe. As the investigation begins, her main obstacles are her unsupportive teammates and her lack of ghost hunting experience. Her biggest critic is the ruggedly handsome but enigmatic Spook Steele, who takes an instant and intense dislike to the newbie and seems determined to see her fail. However, Kyr soon realizes that her flesh-and-blood rivals are the least of her worries. The investigation takes a dark turn when the team finds evidence of a decades-old murder mystery, and Kyr becomes the victim of the resident spirit’s violent attacks. The discovery of a family connection to the Berkeleys explains the spirit’s malevolence. Will Kyr be able to help the Peterys unravel the mystery and put the Berkeley mansion spirits to rest, or will she become another victim of the house’s tragic history? And will she be able to sort out her romantic feelings for the off-limits Gabe and her growing but unwelcome attraction to Spook Steele?

My Rating: ✮✮✮✮☆彡


I take an instant liking to this book because it easy to read and lot more light hearted than my first impression upon seeing the cover, but don’t be deceive, it will soon get angsty. The humor, however, will keep you on the light side of the story.

Despite all the things that I’m about to say about the characters I really enjoyed this story. One of the reasons why I can’t rate this book five stars is because the writer kept writing the identifier (he said, I said, etc.) before the “dialogue tags,” it's tolerable but I would have enjoyed reading it more if it was written another way. That really hindered my enjoyment while reading such a beautiful story line.

The Characters.

At first, Spook Steele’s annoyed me but I was soon on his team until of course, he ended annoying me with his over the top criticism, even after Kyrie had proven herself.

Drac, well, his your lovable big brother. Kind of strict but kind. I laugh out loud imagining him cower to Aunt Julia. Haha :D 

Mr. Evans aka Cherry Pit must be a fun person to have as grandpa. I was close to my Grandfather so it was quite fun to "watch" and "listen" to him. Rose didn’t appear much but she was amusing too.

And Jeremiah, you pitiful man. I wished someone could comfort you. I know that what he did was wrong but in some way, I could really understand him.


Now, let’s talk about the main character, Kyrie.

09 January 2016

Wolf, WY [Book Review]

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Notes: Wolf, WY contains some explicit content


There's nothing like a fresh start, and for Randy, still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate, Wolf, Wyoming seems like the perfect place to start over. Secluded, quiet, and self-sufficient, Wolf is bound to not only inspire, but to bring Randy the peace he needs. The view's not bad, either.

Vaughn O'Connell and his family are Randy's only neighbors for miles, and while Randy knows it's somewhat unlikely that a man with three kids is gay, it doesn't hurt to look. When a misunderstanding brings Randy face to face with both Vaughn and his eighteen year old son, Lyle, Randy's not sure what to feel about either of them.

But things are not what they appear in Wolf, and the closer Randy gets, the stranger the O'Connell family seems...

My Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮彡


I got hooked by Wolf, WY after reading the teaser on a friend’s blog. I love reading teaser as it gives a little glimpse of what to expect from the book the book. Wolf, WY teaser promised me a fun and humorous read. And it was. There were things that Randy has said and did in the story which I can’t agree, but I learned to love Randy unconditionally. I can’t get enough of his humor. At first, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face even during his tragic monolog because he just god damn funny! I know he's gay but I fell for his charms. But there were a lot of moments when my heart aches for what he gone through.

I kind of predicted who Randy’s beautiful wolf was but that didn’t stop me from screaming like a fan girl when it was finally revealed. And don't get me wrong I’m happy for whoever Randy choose to have but I kind of, you know…rooted for Lyle. He has a sweet and innocent approach.

Arius: Arius is a minor character in the book but he made a big impact on me. I've mentioned this a lot before, I’m not against it, but I'm not really into reading about vampires, but somehow Arius just seems so adorable. I wouldn’t mind reading another story with him as the main character.
Anyway, I don’t have more to say about the book other than this was a wonderful M/M book or that it was a satisfying read. But I did wish that the story was a bit longer, still I’m happy that I bought it.
Now allow me to end this review with some of my favorite quote from the book:
“We all get scared. The thing is, you can only run from things for so long. Eventually you have to stand up and fight for the things you've told yourself are yours."
I wish my own parents had said this to me before, not that I haven’t fight for what I want but hearing this words would prove how much you meant to them. You know… *sniff*
"Wolf, Arius. And not just any wolf, but a werewolf. Calling him a dog is kind of like calling you an overgrown mosquito."
I feel sorry for Arius but this part sends me to laughing pit, making my sore throat and dizziness from the cold worse, but laughing was really the best medicine because I felt better afterward.

Buy it now! LT3 | Amazon | Barnes&Noble

08 January 2016

Bad news, good news and new year changes

Changes? Yes, just this week, I become a member of many sites. I joined Bloglovin' and SoundCloud today. I also registered this blog on NetworkedBlogs a week ago. Unfortunately, I have no followers yet. If you like my blog, please follow. I'll follow you back.Follow this blog

The biggest changes in my blogs. Migrating my website from Blogger and changing my template weren't part of my New Years resolution. But then again, I hadn't thought much of my resolution since I had a cold from the Dec. 25 all the way to Jan. 3. However, thanks to that I found out that my website isn't mobile friendly. Since then, I fought to rebuild my site. And while I was at it I also decided to get a better template for my blog.

Hope you guys love the new look as much as me! 

So what's the good news? Everything is live. And my cold is over! Yay!

And the bad news? Nah, nothing really. Just sad because I still can't connect my domain (www.jessicaelarsen.com) to the new website. But the website is already up.

It was a lot of work, and still such a shame that it will probably take a day or two more before the domain properly connects but for now I feel a lot better knowing that my "home" (at least for my books) and this blog is now responsive. :D

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