14 April 2017

[FilmFriday] Suddenly Seventeen

28-year-old Liang Xia is unhappy in love. She had given up her dreams of becoming a painter just to stay with Mao, her boyfriend for 10 years, and live-in partner for 5 years.Her friend suggests to Liang that she should force Mao to marry her on her wedding day by proposing to him in public. However, this backfires and Mao ends up breaking up with Liang. As Liang follows Mao to beg him to stay with her she eats some magical chocolates that she had bought earlier through an advertisement on television. These chocolates turn Liang into a 17-year-old in a 28-year-old's body for exactly 5 hours every time she consumes the chocolate, creating conflict and drama.


I love Asian dramas but I leaned more toward Korean’s because they’re acting is great. Occasionally, I go for Japanese, Chinese even less. I watch Suddenly Seventeen because of its title, and I'm pleasantly surprised that it’s not a remake of the movie 17 again in English.

17 again Chinese Edition was great to watch. I love every minute of it. It kept me on the edge of my seat from the first minute. I adored 17-year-old Liang as much I dislike the 28-year-old her. Her love story with Yan really got me. Super romantic. Sure Mao had his time when they were younger but I hated the way he treated her 10 years later, and personally running around naked doesn’t make up for it.

I want to say so much more, but I’m afraid that I’ll spoil the movie for those who wanted to watch it. But I have to say that Yan is still the best and 17-year-old should be with him.

Tsk. It could have been my favorite film if it weren’t for that ending. Tsk.

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