30 October 2017

Just another byebye [for now]

Hi guys! Life sucks when you can't blog. For me, it's terrible not being able to share my reviews of all the books I've read, but if last year was hard, this year is worse. Mountain of problems on top of being a new mom is not something to joke about.

Being a mom is a fun job but utterly exhausting. I want to manage to be a writer, a reader, and a reviewer but it's greedy of me to assume I can do that on top of my most important responsibilities. So, I've decided to set my priority straight. This blog will be on hiatus for a long while.

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14 October 2017

YA short reviews [Collection 1]

It's been a long time since I posted any update and sorry, because I'm not sorry. Life, just threw me to hell and I'm still crawling out. This is not what I want to talk about though.

August I signed up to be a part of #RomanceclassYA, which required the writers to read and share their opinion of the books read. August is also #BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoy so I collected books written by Filipino author. Unfortunately, I never felt the urge to share my review until now.

So here is the first set of Philippines YA stories.

Number 1:

Prom Queen Perfect


There are characters that you love to hate and hate to love. A combo of both is rare and for me that's Alex dela cruz. I hated her, I love her, love to hate her, hate to love her all in one. A strong character and very three dimensional. I love how it end but I wish I get to see more of Alex and her mother's relationship. Still Prom Queen Perfect is a short refreshing read.

PS: Someplace in the middle of the book I fell in love with the butterflies in Alex stomach. Hahaha! :D

Number 2:

Only A Kiss


It began sweet and funny. I rooted for the main character and the love interest right of the bat, but when they started seriously dating other people, for the first time in my book reading history, I pray for the characters not to realized the truth. Their long painful road hurt me deeply and even if the story ended happily, it leave a bittersweet taste in my heart.

and the last one:

Let's Call It Love


Let's call it love gripped me from the start and somehow reminded me of my favorite music video "You had a Bad day". It would have jump to my favorite if the ending didn't left me somewhat hanging.

~ ~ ~

And that's it for my first short reviews collection. You might notice that I have not put any stars rating and that's not because of the short reviews. Starting today I won't be rating books in my blog (I will in GR and Amazon) because I feel lazy -_-
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